Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Writing style + Globalization [AND PUNS]

Are you kidney-ing me?
The fourth in my series on prepping your document for translation has gone up at KJInternational.com.

Perhaps now is a great time to encourage any wordnerds out there to at least browse alt.humor.puns. Entire conversations happen in puns, and they're AMAZING. Here are some of my favorite gems from this string about James Bond
  1. James Bond at 50 still has a license to thrill.
  2. It's all a big Con, er re: ... well, Niven mind!
  3. When Bond matures he gets Many-pennies Moore.  
Often, a thread will start on one topic (fishing) and change to another where the puns are better (inventors): 
  1. Einstein never put bait on, he was a hook, line and thinker.
  2. Unlike Edison he wasn't prone to tinker.
  3. Not true, he had a patent interest in things.
  4. None of these great men should be taken lightly!
  5. It Tesla long story, some were waiting for a sine. 
  6. Morse the pity, then! 
It got even weirder then: cows and udders and farm puns. AND I LOVE IT. I guess I'm my father's daughter that puns seriously make my day. To be so quick and light and upsidedown and sideways with words is something I truly admire.

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