Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rumzicken verboten

So a few days ago I'm camping in Bad Bellingen, Germany. It's just north of Basel, Switzerland, so it's a bit of a tourist trap. Firstly, never stay at the Hotel Birkenhof in Bad Bellingen. Their wi-fi is terrible, and they're two-faced, crotchety, old jerks. Secondly, Lug ins Land campingplatz in nearby Bamlach is (are?) really awesome. They have a tennis court! And a heated pool! And a restaurant with very reasonable prices where you can join the locals and watch soccer with a pint! And most importantly, HOT SHOWERS and a WASHER & DRYER!

No goats allowed?
This sign on the restaurant is pretty funny. I assumed it meant "No goats allowed," which tickled me -- but after googling about the internet, I'm wondering if it's some kind of colloquialism for "No bitching," like a goat bleats annoyingly. If you're a German speaker, please let me know! 

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